Zoom fatigue is real, Eyelinez helps

Zoom fatigue is an actual thing.

The more time we are working in our home office, the more we can lose focus when it comes to important things like Zoom calls

A company called Eyelinez, is helping with Zoom fatigue with a device to help people engage and focus on eye contact during Zoom calls. Eyelinez creates small stickers to fit over your webcam or tablet to help people stay centered, engaged and focused during video calls.

It seems easy and it really is. Cute designs are offered on all Eyelinez products. Eyelinez makes these stickers for multiple occasions such as smiling, focusing, or even just themed for the holiday season. These stickers can even be customized.

You can get more information about Eyelinez here:https://www.eyelinez.com/.

The backstory:

In a recent Master Stage Class that Mark took (virtually), motivational speaker Vinh Giang addressed the all important subject of maintaining eye contact during virtual conversations and presentations. He gave a simple - but effective - tip for mastering the art of genuinely engaging with the cold, black hole at the top of your screen: put a sticky note with a smile on it near the camera. Mark immediately implemented this, but quickly found that it still felt awkward (maybe even more so) to look to the side of the camera. It wasn't long before an errant sticker left out by one of his kids motivated Mark to take a different approach - Mark took a circular sticker, drew a smiley face on it, punched a hole out of the center for the nose, and placed it over his webcam.

As the first prototype gazed back at Mark, it invoked an instinctive smile - and Eyelinez was born.

It's easy to put on and you don't have to think about it again I feel I'm staying more alert, focused and productive.