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YouTube channels for your kids to check out this holiday season

With the holiday break fast approaching we know that parents are going to be looking for activities to keep their kids busy. While we all hope to avoid screen time, it’s inevitable that at some point every parent will need a break. We have 3 new YouTube channels to help parents get a break, while feeling good about what their kids are watching. Introducing Future Chicken, Bedtime Defenderz and the World of Eric Carle.

Brand new series! This is the world of Future Chicken! 🐔 Where content empowers kids to make a positive impact on our planet and address eco-anxiety. Time twist to join us in 2050 at the BioBarn for a monthly extravaganza! Cutting-edge technology allows for our Potato and Frittata to interview scientists, activists, influencers and more from present day planet Earth. Older kids can also join the Future Chicken characters on Roblox.

Introducing the adventurous new animated series that entertains kids and helps parents with the bedtime routine. When it’s time for lights out, nightmares better watch out, because the Bedtime Defenderz are here to save the night! Meet Magnus, the fearless leader, Bruno, the larger-than-life protector, Lexi, the brains, Sonny, the scrapper, and Zigy, the lightning-fast jokester. Join this fantastic dream team on a wild and wacky adventure as they team up to help Ace conquer his bedtime fears while navigating the dream world. Get ready for some dreamy, daring fun with the Bedtime Defenderz!

Enjoy Eric Carle's beloved books for young readers, explore his artwork, and more on the official Eric Carle YouTube channel.


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