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Your favorite MLB team, your underwear

Pair of Thieves Baseball Collection is comfortable and stylish.

Pair of Thieves men’s underwear is the ultimate loins spoiling, package-affirming, best men’s underwear your boys will ever know. From standard boxer briefs to trunks, to long boxer briefs, and every cut in between, you’re guaranteed to find yourself a damn good pair. Comfortable, supportive, and stylish, Pair of Thieves underwear is designed to look as good as it feels. Whether you’re in the market for a fresh, fun pattern, or if you’re more of a solid-color guy, you’ll find your perfect pair.

Experience a softness unlike any other in our SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend underwear. For performance underwear that’s designed to work with you, try SuperFit light and stretchy micro-mesh men’s underwear. If you’re still left wondering what’s the best underwear for men, it’s the underwear that works best for you. Go on, get yourself a set of the MLB Baseball Collection.


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