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World Math or Pi Day Movies

March 14, 3/14 or 3.14

It's World Math Day or Pi Day.

To celebrate World Maths Day (14th March), the online learning platform Preply has looked at IMDb ratings to rank and reveal the best Maths-related films that will inspire you to study.

Let’s see which picture tops the rankings:

Good Will Hunting (1997) - 8.3/10 stars

Crowned as the top-rated Maths film is 1997’s gripping American drama Good Will Hunting.

The film stars Matt Damon as Will Hunting, a genius in mathematics who, after facing an emotional crisis, gains help from psychiatrist Dr Sean Maguireto.

Receiving nine Academy Award nominations, including the Oscar for best original screenplay, the picture was indeed a hit in its time.

A Beautiful Mind (2001) - 8.2/10 stars

Another timeless classic, A Beautiful Mind tells the true story of mathematician John Nash , diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia.

Despite this, however, Nash later made vital contributions to the subject, including the important extension of game theory.

Following its evoking portrayal of mental illness, the film became critically acclaimed.

The Imitation Game (2014) - 8/10 stars

Fast forwarding in time, The Imitation Game stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the famous Alan Turing, who helps to decipher the German Enigma Code.

This film had a tremendous reception at the box office, and picked up a string of honours, including the Academy Award for Best Writing and the Empire Award for The Best Thriller.

Hidden Figures (2016) - 7.8/10 stars

When it comes to championing inclusion and diversity, 2016 film Hidden Figures gets it right.

Starring the likes of Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae, the film tells the story of three female African-American mathematicians playing a role in astronaut John Glenn’s launch into orbit.

Aside from the numbers, Hidden Figures deals with important issues such as racial and gender discrimination in the workplace.

Gifted (2017) - 7.6/10 stars

Coined as the modern-day Matilda, Gifted centers on seven-year-old Mary, whose mathematical abilities stun her father.

However, the drama unfolds when the father gets into a legal battle with his mother Evelyn over Mary’s custody.

Pi (1998) - 7.3/10 stars

You may have heard of Life of Pi, but have you seen the hit 1998 thriller Pi?

This film mixes numbers with chaos, telling the gripping story of Max Cohen, a numbers whiz who is stunted by delusions of paranoia and headaches.

The plot thickens when Cohen comes across a mysterious number on his computer and then becomes a target of Wall Street agents.

Cube (1997) - 7.2/10 stars

Six different people, thousands of possible rooms - one giant cube.

This 1997 flick plays the ultimate game of logic and mystery.

While it is not based on a true story of genius mathematicians, this film tests each character's gameplay in an intense scenario - now that’s what you call a thriller.


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