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World Championship Boxing Manager 2 was worth the wait

Simulation, boxing fun, and laughs are all entering the ring in World Championship Boxing Manager™ 2, the latest quirky title game from Mega Cat Studios and Ziggurat Interactive. On May 17, 2023, the fight begins with its launch on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Brought to life with hand-drawn 32-bit visuals, World Championship Boxing Manager™ 2 is the official sequel to its 1991 predecessor. Players will enlist promising amateur competitive fighters and train them from the ground up on their path to the world championship. To keep them on the path to glory, they’ll also need to hire the best staff, gain supporters at all levels, and promote their fighters. A well-managed team will rise to the top, but one misstep will lead to a TKO!

Do you have what it takes to train a champion? Step into the ring by requesting your key for World Championship Boxing Manager™ 2.

Key Features:

🥊 Keep Those Hands Up: An awesome stable of sluggers and staff, including iconic licensed characters, Sue “Tiger Lily” Fox, Rocky Marciano™ and Sugar Ray Robinson™!

🖼️ Bit by Bit: 32-bit visuals with modern features, including dynamic lighting and a fight cam to watch your fighter duke it out in real-time

📊 Skill Check: A stylish new skill system lets players build the pugilist of their dreams in a streamlined experience. Be it a hard-hitting ring king, a one-punch wonder, or a super stamina warrior of the knock-down-drag-out fight; it’s up to the player to create a training path to victory

📝 You’re Hired!: A complete hiring system lets players ensure they have the best training team (and business managers) for their fighters — even if some of that staff might be a little unorthodox!


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