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Women love their fitness wearables

Movano Health, the healthcare solutions company that creates both medical and consumer devices recently surveyed 1,000 women to find what’s important to them when it comes to their wearable devices. The results overwhelmingly showed ‘accuracy’ being the most important factor for women when considering a wearable device.

Asked to rank nearly 15 “product performance” features, 65% of women indicated that FDA approval of wellness metrics is a high priority. Receiving FDA clearance on wearables ensures that the health data consumers receive from the device (such as heart rate and SpO2) are accurate and reliable enough to be used in conversation with their healthcare team to help monitor overall health.

The majority of women surveyed expressed they are interested in purchasing a wearable in order to focus on their overall health, but when asked what their hesitations were, the most common issue was accuracy. Until accuracy is tackled, wearables will continue to be used with a focus on fitness performance rather than a true measure of overall health and wellness.

"The results of the study validated for us that FDA clearance is a necessary next step in the evolution of wearables and the management of overall health. We’re hearing a consistent requirement from women that their wearables are comfortable, and able to monitor their vitals accurately and that’s best achieved with an FDA cleared, medical grade device,” said John Mastrototaro, CEO of Movano Health.

While women were asked which lifestyle attitudes and goals they most resonated with in relation to using a wearable, the majority of women are looking to understand their body (85%) and improve their health (75%). These attitudes aren’t reflected in the insights provided by current wearables on the market. On the contrary, the women were the least interested in participating in the next physical challenge (38%) or fitness trend (22%). This data support’s Movano’s mission to differentiate themselves by pairing highly accurate data and in-depth whole health insights to give women a more cohesive view of their overall health and wellbeing.

The interviews included 1,000 women between the ages of 30-75, who were either a current or prospective user of wearables and/or digital wellness tracking devices. The women participated in the survey in two phases. Phase one was conducted using a quantitative methodology consisting of a 20 minute online survey. Phase two was a three day, in-person, discussion panel with a focused group using a qualitative methodology to develop a deeper understanding of their needs and how wearables play a role in their daily lives.

Movano recently announced their own medical grade smart ring, Evie, which is currently undergoing the FDA approval process.

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