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With Too Fast, ugly Christmas sweaters become 'weird Christmas sweaters'

Stay weird this holiday season!

We are very excited for the holidays! And we are even more excited to announce our new Creepy Christmas Collection. Our new holiday line includes a huge selection of punk-inspired ugly Christmas sweaters, holiday-themed booty shorts, witchy holiday dresses, gothic holiday leggings, and more. Each year, we add new designs to our Holiday Shop, while also bringing back our most popular items from previous seasons.

Holiday garments that are inspired by traditional Christmas sweaters, but adapted the designs to match our weird tastes.

We aim to create clothing that reflects our own aesthetic blend of punk rock and goth fashion, no matter the occasion. Replace Santa with Satan, Christmas with Halloween, and you've got the Too Fast Holiday Shop!

Of course, this is nothing new: Too Fast ( has been reinventing alternative fashion since its foundation in 2005. They are an independent alternative clothing brand inspired by the gritty and glamorous worlds of goth, punk, and tattoo subcultures. Over the past sixteen years, Too Fast has continued to grow and evolve, but we are still a small family business! From designing our products to shipping them to customers, almost everything we do is done right from our New Jersey office and warehouse. We believe in our brand, and we love the products we make.

"Putting out clothing that we would not wear ourselves is not something that we do," says Maureen Keough, owner and founder of Too Fast, regarding her inspiration for starting her own company, "we're constantly striving to create clothing that stays true to our punk rock roots. At the same time, we value the ever-changing face of fashion, innovation, and originality. So, it's a constant balancing act."

Living life to the fullest and being authentic is part of Too Fast's ethos, its foundation. Too Fast is how we like our drinks refilled, our music played, and our wheels spun. That love of speed, horror, boundary-pushing, and good old-fashioned punk rock music is reflected in everything we do. When it comes to design, we're constantly pushing the envelope and we have even, on occasion, been accused of taking things too far. You may not like everything we say or do, but I can assure you of one thing, you won't be bored!


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