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Wireless Wednesday: Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime with Andrea Kremer

Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm became the first-ever female duo to call an NFL game in 2018, and are two of the most accomplished sports journalists in the business. They are back for their fourth year of calling Thursday Night Football on Prime Video, and speak to their legendary careers, their outlook for the season, as well as new ways for fans to explore and enjoy Thursday Night Football!

Rick talks with Andrea Kremer here:

From the early season division rivalry game between the Seahawks and the Rams to the mid-winter battle between the Packers and the Browns, Thursday Night Football is THE hot ticket for football fans this season! Announcers Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm will be back in the booth for the fourth straight season as they continue to make history as the first female duo to call NFL games. With decades of experience as storytellers, the Storm-Kremer feed brings a unique voice and viewpoint to every game!

Kremer talks about the new and exciting ways to live stream the game each Thursday on Prime Video, with features that let fans customize how they watch. Fans get ‘insider access’ to things like live stats and data previously only available to coaches and announcers, all without taking their eyes off the game.

Andrea Kremer (born February 25, 1959) is a multi-Emmy Award-winning American television sports journalist. She currently calls Thursday Night Football games for Amazon Prime Video making sports history, along with Hannah Storm, by becoming the first all-women booth to call any major men's team sport, not just football.[1] Kremer is also Chief Correspondent for the NFL Network[2] and previously led the network's coverage and in-depth reporting on health and safety. Her other current roles include correspondent for HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel as well as co-host of We Need To Talk, the first ever all-female nationally televised weekly sports show on CBS. Until the 2011 season, she worked as a sideline reporter for NBC on the network's coverage of Sunday Night Football.

In 2018, Kremer received the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.[3] She has covered more than 25 Super Bowls, the NBA Finals and All-Star Game, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game and League Championship Series, college football bowl games, hockey's Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, U.S Olympic basketball trials, 2012 U.S. Olympic swimming trials, and the PGA Championship.

Great to be joined by Andrea.


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