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Wireless Wednesday Live: Women's Health Awareness Month with Dr. Fran

Ways Women Can Take Charge of Their Health

With Dr. Franziska Haydanek, aka Paging Doctor Fran, Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OB-GYN) on Women’s Health from the Basics and Beyond

Did you know? May is National Women’s Health Awareness Month

Have a watch:

It’s important that women feel empowered when it comes to making decisions about their own health journey, but with so much information out there, how does one know what to prioritize?

She discusses simple tips on self-care strategies, medical appointments not to be missed, and must ask questions for your doctor/pharmacist.


What are some simple ways women can take charge of their health?

What are some not to be missed appointments?

How to come up with a checklist of questions to ask my doctor/pharmacist?

Tell us about the only approved over the counter birth control pill.

Where can we go for more information?

For more information, please visit

Dr. Franziska Haydanek provides care in all facets of women's health, including well-woman exams and screenings, contraception guidance, and both low-risk and high-risk prenatal care. She also has a special interest in PCOS management, menopausal hormone therapy, minimally invasive surgery and lactation/breastfeeding medicine.

She is a mother of three children, and an online educator for all things related to obstetrics & gynecology. She shares her knowledge online as Paging Doctor Fran via Tik Tok, Instagram, and more. She wants her followers to feel empowered by the evidenced based medicine she shares.


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