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Wireless Wednesday Live: Saki Milton, STEM advocate on back to school and bugs

Rick talks with Saki Milton, STEM advocate.

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Children and teens across the United States are heading back to the classroom, ready for a brand new school year. While parents might be happy that summer break is ending, it’s important that they have an active and encouraging role in their child’s education.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education is an increasingly important part of a student’s curriculum, and science specifically can offer them the opportunity to explore the world around them. So, how can parents drive passion and curiosity for science within the next generation?

On Wednesday, August 30, educator and international STEM advocate Saki Milton will be available to share tips on what parents can do to evoke passion around science and nature during the new school year whether they’re out-and-about or at home. Saki’s engaging and interactive recommendations will give parents the tools they need to make science fun and approachable for their kids, and even help connect their child’s natural curiosity to future careers in science.


What is STEM education?

When it comes to science, how can parents make this topic more fun and approachable for kids?

Can you give parents a few tips on how to encourage kids to embrace science and spark their curiosity?

One way to get kids excited about science is to get them outdoors – in nature. What can parents do to evoke curiosity to explore nature?

For kids who already enjoy playing outside and exploring nature, is there a career in science that they could find especially interesting?

Tell us more about entomology. What does an entomologist do?

How did this branch of science (entomology) inspire the portfolio of STEM bug fighting sprays and mosquito repellents with plant-based active ingredients rooted in nature?

Where can our viewers go for more information?

For more information on STEM™ brand bug fighting solutions please visit:


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