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Wireless Wednesday Live: James Bell, Head of Corporate Communications, Kia America

Live from CES 2024. James Bell, Head of Corporate Communications, Kia America joins Rick.

A different type of "connected home."


Why did Kia decide to build a house as its CES display?

What is “vehicle to home” aka bidirectional charging?

Can an electric car really power a house?

What are the situations when a consumer would want the vehicle to power the home?

Where can viewers go for more information?

Have a watch:

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity, but even though more electric vehicles are seen on roads nationwide, many consumers still have questions on exactly how they compare to traditional gas-powered vehicles. In addition, electric vehicles can be utilized in some non-traditional ways. For example, did you know that electric vehicles can be used to power your home? Automotive expert James Bell is available to provide additional information on what electric vehicles are new to market and how electric vehicles can be used for more than just getting from point A to point B.

James Bell oversees communications strategy, new product introductions, media relations and internal communications. He joined KUS in June 2016. James brings nearly 20 years of automotive and communications experience to Kia. He served as Head of Consumer Affairs for General Motors after time at Kelley Blue Book where he was Vice President of Corporate Communications and Executive Market Analyst. Bell’s multifaceted experience provides a unique perspective on the industry, crossing the boundaries between the general consumer, passionate enthusiast and discriminating media.


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