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Wireless Wednesday Live: Batman Day, Panic in Gotham City

September 16 is "Batman Day."

Rick talks to Susan Bonds, CEO, Infinite Rabbit Holes and Alex Lieu, Chief Creative Officer, Infinite Rabbit Holes.

Have a watch:


Batman has been saving Gotham City for 84 years and on September 16th he will get the recognition he deserves on Batman Day. Some ways to celebrate Batman Day include:

Read the comics- Comic book shops will be giving away free Batman reprints to fans: Batman #608

See the movies- Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' Trilogy is returning to Select theaters for one day only

Dress up in your best Batsuit or favorite character

Play Batman themed games

Susan Bonds, CEO of Infinite Rabbit Holes, and Alex Lieu, Chief Creative Officer of Infinite Rabbit Holes discuss Batman’s role in shaping pop culture, the character's global impact and how they are reinventing the integrated gameplay experience with a new AR game, Panic in Gotham City.


Why is Batman so popular?

How can people celebrate Batman Day?

What was the idea behind the creation of the game Panic in Gotham City and how is it attracting new fans to Batman.

How can people experience the game with nothing but a simple dollar bill?

Where can we go to learn more?

Susan Bonds is CEO of Infinite Rabbit Holes. Susan started as an aerospace engineer before becoming a Disney Imagineer, developing ground-breaking attractions like “Indiana Jones Adventure” at Disneyland, “Alien Encounter” at Walt Disney World, and “Mission: SPACE” at Epcot. She also ran the innovative Concept Studio within Imagineering, bringing stories to life with emerging technologies. A leader and speaker in immersive media and game design, Susan was named one of Forbes’ “Top 12 Women to Watch in Gaming,” and has been featured in Lucas Dietrich’s “60 Innovators Shaping our Creative Future” and “Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation is remaking Hollywood.” She and her team have also been featured in Wired, USA Today, New York Times, Nightline, The Wall Street Journal, and has been a featured speaker for many events, including the Future of Storytelling, the GamesBeat Summit, CES and more.

Alex Lieu is Chief Creative Officer of Infinite Rabbit Holes, where he is redefining digital and real-world play. He is a pioneer and world leader in experience design, combining narrative, game, interaction, physical space and digital to push the boundaries of immersion. Prior to working with Infinite Rabbit Holes, Alex was the founder and Chief Creative of 3Pin Media, serving clients like Al Gore (Current TV), Microsoft, Warner Brothers, Boeing, ESPN, Nickelodeon, ABC and Disney. He also served as Vice President of Creative at Lightspan Inc. working on innovative learning solutions, and was a founding member of Disney Online.


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