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Wireless Wednesday Exclusive: Tech Gifts from

Great tech gifts on deck!

Retail expert Justine Santaniello joins Rick to give some holiday tech gift ideas from

It’s never too early to get a jump start on your holiday shopping, especially when it comes to the gadgets that everyone will want this season. If you have a tech enthusiast on your holiday shopping list, find out the latest must-have items you need to start shopping for!

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Ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retail expert Justine Santaniello will be available for interview on November 16th to give your audience her top tech gifts for the 2023 holiday season. Justine will showcase gifts that not only feature next-level technology, but also offer unique ways to spend quality time with family and friends through the holiday season and beyond. In this segment, she will expand on the following:

· Meta Quest 3: Quest 3 is Meta’s next generation headset that is bringing mixed reality into the mainstream. Enhanced technology and full-color resolution allow virtual elements to blend with your physical surroundings, creating limitless possibilities to explore: play a virtual piano on your coffee table or work out with a virtual personal trainer from the comfort of home! The thinner profile and streamlined controllers also offer a more comfortable user experience, so the headset feels balanced on your head and you can reach out and interact with virtual worlds naturally. With more than 500 experiences including games, virtual hangouts, fitness training and a home theatre in your headset, Quest 3 offers endless possibilities. And new this year – Meta has introduced parent-managed accounts for preteens (age 10-12) with age-appropriate protections made specifically for them. This builds on Meta’s efforts to give young people a chance to safely experience engaging and educational content on their family's device. Meta Quest 3 is available at a surprisingly affordable price – Starting at $499.99.

· Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: The next-generation Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are lightweight, with a slimmer design, upgraded camera and speaker specs – plus they allow you to livestream directly onto Facebook and Instagram! The smart glasses also come with AI features, allowing wearers to use hands-free voice commands to ask questions and receive responses in real-time. They were also built with privacy in mind- Capture LED lets you know if someone is taking a photo, video or livestream around you.


When is the optimal time to begin shopping for the holidays? Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday really the best days to shop for deals?

What are your top picks for must-have tech gadgets this season?

Tell us what enhancements have been made to Meta’s Quest and Smart Glasses. What new features are you most excited about?

What is mixed reality? What can people do with it on Meta Quest 3?

How are these new devices incorporating safety and privacy?

Where can our viewers go for more information?

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Multimedia lifestyle contributor, Justine Santaniello is a top authority for providing engaging content and innovative products. She has shared her tips and top product suggestions – otherwise known as her ‘Just Haves’ – regularly on Access Hollywood Live, The Wendy Williams Show, Inside Edition, Fox & Friends, Yahoo!, Amazon Studios, FOX Business, and more. As the founder and creative director of, Justine has become a go-to media and consumer resource for anything and everything related to style, beauty, gifting, entertaining and beyond. Known for her conversational and engaging commentary, Justine has made over 1,000 TV appearances on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW, WE, The Hallmark Channel, The Weather Channel, and QVC.


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