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Wireless Wednesday Exclusive: Stay safe while you search

Great to be joined by Sridhar Ramaswamy. Sridhar founded Neeva, the world’s first ad-free, private subscription search engine, after spending 15 years leading the advertising and commerce division at Google.

Have you ever noticed an increase in ads across your social media channels after you search for a new dress or dinner recipe? It’s not a coincidence. Your online search data is being used for targeted advertising, a huge profit stream for tech companies. In fact, according to CNBC, more than 80% of Alphabet's revenue comes from Google ads. That amounted to $147 billion in revenue in 2020 alone.

Have a listen:

User experience and privacy are a growing concern for consumers. The increase in ads not only has a negative effect on customer experience, but it also decreases the quality of your search results. So how can we minimize or eliminate ads, disinformation and scams while ensuring our privacy online and creating a better consumer experience?

Neeva is the world’s first ads-free, private subscription search engine. Neeva focuses entirely on the consumer, delivering only real, high quality, trustworthy results. Neeva blocks third-party website trackers, and will never sell or share customer data with any third party, especially advertisers. Neeva also makes it easy to search within personal email accounts, calendars, and cloud storage platforms surfacing the most important information from the same familiar search box. Neeva has also made foundational commitments to helping the creator and publisher ecosystem thrive. Neeva was founded by former executives from Google and YouTube.

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