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Wireless Wednesday Exclusive: Rajendra Prasad, Automation Accenture

Rick is joined by Rajendra Prasad, Senior Managing Director and Global Lead for Automation at Accenture.

Automation technology has become a powerful tool to help businesses in any industry run more efficiently and find new opportunities for value. In fact, IDC Research estimates that spending on automation software will reach $42.6B by 2025. Intelligent automation goes one step further, bringing in artificial intelligence and machine learning to reinvent business processes, guide better decisions and free up employees to take on more challenging and creative work. Yet many companies struggle with where to start and how to scale.

To address this growing interest, technology experts at Accenture, a leader in digital transformation technologies, have written a how-to guide for implementing and maintaining a successful intelligent automation strategy. The Automation Advantage, available now, will serve as a strategic and practical guide for technology and business leaders, explaining how companies can drive intelligent automation at scale while weaving AI into the fabric of the organization. They cut through myths and misunderstandings to blaze a clear trail for any business leader looking to develop an intelligent automation strategy, create new value and realize growth—all with a human-centric approach.

The book will help business leaders:

· Devise intelligent automation strategies that bridge outside traditional silos

· Assess and identify opportunities to enhance business productivity and growth

· Create an effective technology architecture to support new ways of working

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