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Wireless Wednesday Exclusive: Cybersecurity Awareness Month, David Dufour of OpenText

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

When it comes to cybersecurity, many may feel confident that they have basic security measures in place. Keeping software up to date, creating strong passwords and using multi-factor authentication are all standard ways to keep your files safe, however one key thing that often gets overlooked is backup. With October being National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to assess your backup options and explore ways to keep your data secure.

Rick is joined by David Dufour, cybersecurity expert at OpenText.

Tech expert David Dufour shares the latest cybersecurity tips including often overlooked steps that should be taken to protect your personal files, photos and data. He can help viewers differentiate the difference between cloud storage and true encrypted backup plans, as well as how to create a plan for restoring files that may accidently get deleted.


Why should people backup their data and what can happen if you don’t?

What steps can people take to keep their data safe?

What do people typically overlook when it comes to protecting their personal information?

How is cloud storage different from backup plans? Is cloud storage enough?

Where can viewers go for more information?

For more information please visit:

David currently leads the data security and data protection teams at OpenText, focusing on the delivery of integrated security solutions that protect against modern cyber threats. His extensive background with machine learning, contextual analytics, and cyber forensics has led to the development of several cutting-edge solutions for mapping threat landscapes, identifying bad actors and the use of predictive algorithms for pre-attack determination. David holds several patents related to threat detection through the creation of dynamic sensors and threat blocking techniques in IoT devices at the firmware layer.


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