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Wireless Wednesday Exclusive: Cox Communications at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week and Rick checks in with Catherine Borda de Castro, Assistant Vice President, Connectivity & Convergence, Cox Communications.

Mobile World Congress is the mobile industry’s largest and most influential technology event, with over 100,000 attendees expected to participate this year. The global event where technology and community converge will premiere the latest in trailblazing technology as well as provide consumers with simple solutions to meet their wireless needs.

The the latest news, mobile trends and consumer announcements from opening day at the 2023 Mobile World Congress.

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Connectivity & Convergence: Soon Cox Mobile customers will be able to ‘bundle’ their internet and mobile services resulting in increased affordability, reliability and simplicity.

Wireless device trends: Discover the latest platforms and sought-after devices that will soon be available through Cox Mobile

5G Acceleration and Travel: 5G technology is transforming how we get from A to Z – as well as creating safer and more convenient traveling experiences for everyone while we stay connected.

Digital Everything: How connected technology continues to grow and impact our daily lives

What are the most exciting mobile trends seen at the Mobile World Congress this year?

Why is it important that Cox Mobile has a presence at this global event?

Tell us about ‘Convergence’ – what does it mean and why is it important to customers?

Where can our viewers go for more information?

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Catherine’s current role at Cox is to lead Connectivity & Convergence, encompassing four major pillars - Cox Mobile consumer marketing, Cox Internet & Homelife consumer marketing, Convergence Strategy & Commercialization, and Operational Communications, Product Enablement & Program Management for the aforementioned products. Catherine holds the first converged role at Cox, providing the perfect vantage point to bring FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) to life. Catherine joined the Cox Mobile team almost three years ago and has had the privileged opportunity to expand her role since then. Prior to Cox, Catherine spent six years at AT&T leading a variety of teams with increasing responsibility, including millennial marketing, the buildout and launch of AT&T’s loyalty program AT&T THANKS, and proactive retention shortly after the DTV acquisition. Catherine initiated her post-MBA marketing career at PepsiCo’s Quaker brand, gaining classical marketing skills that have been fundamental throughout her career. The cross-pollination of several categories and industries has allowed Catherine to bring a variety of knowledge and experience to Cox. Catherine’s holds a B.S. in psychology and during her spare time you can find her reading and studying about psychology, neuroscience and emotions. This deep passion for understanding how people think and feel has helped her with her business challenges but also in building strong teams and individual relationships. Catherine lives in Sandy Springs with her husband, three step-children and two dogs. She enjoys running, the opera and ballet, volunteering with her children and a gripping Netflix series.


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