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Wireless Wednesday Exclusive: Ashley Renne, Tech Expert, Co-Founder of Hot Jupiter

Rick has a great interview today talking about fast internet connections and more.

Did you know your internet experience could be slowed down if your wifi router is near a microwave, a fish tank, or mirror? Simple tips and tricks can maximize the speed and performance of your home network which, in turn can save you and your family time and money. In this interview, Tech Expert Ashley Renne will educate viewers on the ins and outs of internet speeds and how to fully utilize your connectivity. She’ll tell viewers how to measure speeds, the difference between download and upload and how to get the most from their home network.

Have a watch:

Do you have a doorbell camera or other security cameras around your home? Consider lowering the resolution while you’re at home. You can adjust settings and reduce the resolution yet still effectively monitor your space. is the most recognized third-party speed test. It’s so easy. Download the Ookla Speedtest app for your desktops and mobile devices or you can run from a web browser at

The amount of people sharing the connection also impacts speeds, but it’s important to remember that most households can run MULTIPLE devices at one time seamlessly with 250 Mbps download speeds, where people spend most of their time.

Know that your individual devices aren’t capable of super-fast speeds. But the overall experience in your home is what matters.

What’s a good way to see how fast your Internet speed is at home?

What are your top tips to get the fastest connection?

Why does speed matter? And who needs the most bandwidth?

Where can people go for more information?

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