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Who totalled the most CES mentions on social media?

CES Wraps Up - Here are the brands leading social mentions.

As CES wraps up its first-ever fully virtual event, social media weights in on the most popular brands this year.

International social media analytics firm Talkwalker reports more than 200,000 total mentions of CES, with 1.3 million engagements.

Sentiment is overwhelmingly positive, with 22 percent positive, seven percent negative and the remaining neutral.

This tweet from Lenovo about their new ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses was the most engaging single tweet from any brand, with more than 4,200 engagements:

Technically this tweet from Samsung was even MORE engaging - with more than 24,000 engagements – but it happened before the event started.

According to Talkwalker, Samsung did well tapping into the power of the BTS fan army with this tweet, for a product that's not nearly as cutting-edge as some of the gadgets being showcased.

Two other products that are generating buzz are:

Razer's N95 facemask with gaming lighting:

and over on Facebook, this Keurig-but-it's-ice-cream contraption:

The top five brand performances at CES based on social media and according to Talkwalker are:

1 - Samsung 11K mentions

2 - Intel 8.3K mentions

3 - Google 7.6K mentions

4 - Sony 6.7K mentions

5 - Nvidia 6.4K mentions

Talkwalker is a social listening and analytics company that empowers over 2,000 brands and agencies to optimize the impact of their communication efforts. We provide companies with an easy-to-use platform to protect, measure, and promote their brands worldwide, across all communication channels.


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