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WhatsApp dipping its toes into eCommerce

More than just a calling and messaging app.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced ‘WhatsApp Business’. Using this function, WhatsApp customers will be able to purchase their favorite items through WhatsApp. The new addition is ‘Carts’, which will allow WhatsApp users to add products as they interact with a company, then send a larger order all at once via the app.

As WhatsApp begins to develop on its capacity for eCommerce, it continues to innovate more ways to promote business-to-consumer connections and make it easier for users to purchase goods via the messaging app.

Although the app is the most popular leading digital messaging service, WhatsApp is generally not regarded as an enterprise tool. For example, WhatsApp is used for business by only 7 percent of marketers.

WhatsApp is a great platform for you if you want to remind your clients about deals, provide open customer service solutions, or increase visibility. And, with the addition of ‘WhatsApp Company’, creating positive customer relationships is now simpler than ever.

With ‘WhatsApp Company’, a chatbot-like functionality, you will be able to give your audience personal customer service. So, WhatsApp will automatically deliver the messages you’ve generated to the customers you choose if you’re launching a new product.

With growth in emerging markets such as Middle East, India and Indonesia, where WhatsApp is already popular, Facebook has now shifted its attention to building a digital marketplace only within messaging network.

WhatsApp commerce could provide a variety of new opportunities for SMEs’ looking for new, cost-effective ways to communicate with customers as the world looks to recover in the wake of COVID-19.

With WhatsApp Business, with automated messages and chatbot-like functionality, you’ll be able to give your customers specific customer support. So, WhatsApp will instantly deliver the messages you’ve generated to the customers you choose. Think about choosing clients, which you can do in the app using a broadcast list, being synonymous with audience segmentation.

Also, you can find it simple and cost-effective to communicate with your international customers if you have a global audience or consumer base because WhatsApp does not charge a fee for international communication. This allows you to improve overseas customer relationships and facilitates easy problem solving.

WhatsApp for Business

You can use ‘WhatsApp for Business’ in a couple of different ways. Mainly, the app is used for communication and sharing, and that’s the basis of using WhatsApp to your advantage.WhatsApp can be a powerful app to have in your toolkit. You can improve visibility, automate communication, and keep your workflow organized.

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