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Werner Ladders now part of March Madness for 16 years

"Cutting down the nets" has a special meaning for a 100 year old ladder company.

Werner Ladders is celebrating being the official ladder of March Madness for 16 years.

Ladders front and center.

Now ladders are not something people go and buy every day. Like snow shovels. you make your purchase and hope it lasts and does its job and stick it away again. The return on purchasing a ladder is probably even less, and given the millions who live in inner cities, the market for ladders is probably even smaller than for scissors. Yet Werner does an ample spend on platforms like ESPN now leading into every March Madness run to make sure their brand is visible.

When you see players and coaches cutting down nets throughout March and into April, they will be standing safely on a Werner Ladder.

Note: The ladder probably gets the most exposure as the nets go down as teams advance to The Big Dance and then through the tournament and the millions of eyeballs watching. That “One Shining Moment” doesn’t happen around the rim unless someone is providing the ladder to get the players and coaches up to cut down the nets.

March is also National Ladder Safety Month. National Ladder Safety Month is the only movement dedicated exclusively to the promotion of ladder safety, at home and at work. National Ladder Safety Month brings awareness to the importance of the safe use of ladders through resources and training.


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