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Weird data says pets are the top influencers

New data from Redecor, a realistic design simulation game that reaches 8M users globally, which found that pets DO impact how people design their homes.

The findings: 78% of dog and cat owners consider aesthetics when choosing pet accessories, but most (85%) won’t spend more than $100 on such items.

Other highlights include:

Some pet owners are true design fanatics, with 12% citing they are willing to spend up to $500 on pet accessories; yet 23% will not consider spending more than $25

What’s more, 17% agree they would choose a pet to match their already existing aesthetic

· Pets even impact human accessories – with 42% saying they have intentionally not purchased an item for their home that they loved because they were concerned their pet would ruin it

· In addition, 48% of respondents said they have had to throw out a piece of furniture because of their pet

· Is garbage the new it furniture? 41% of respondents have intentionally left garbage/recyclables out in their home because their pet enjoyed playing with them

  • In fact, there are millions of accounts created for animals or pets.


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