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Using tech to decode your dream's hidden meanings

Do you ever have weird dreams and wonder why? If you didn’t eat too much pizza last night, your brain could be trying to tell you something!

More people than ever are getting into decoding the hidden meanings of their dreams, so Joshua George, the founder of ClickSlice, is here to explain the meanings behind the most common dreams people research online.




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Signifies emotional release or overwhelming feelings.



Having A Fever

Indicates internal conflicts or emotional turmoil.



Your Teeth Falling Out

Symbolizes a loss of power, confidence, or major life changes.



Seeing A Dead Person Alive

Represents unresolved issues or a desire to reconnect with the past.




Suggests fear, deception, or a need for healing.




Reflects a lack of control or insecurity in your waking life.



A Wedding

Signifies a new beginning, commitment, or union.



Seeing A Spider

Indicates a need for patience, creativity, or a warning about deception.




Represents new beginnings, personal growth, or creative potential.



A Car Crash

Suggests a lack of control, sudden changes, or a need for caution.



During these dreams, you may be releasing emotions that you’ve bottled up during the day. This could be anything, from anger and fear to stress. Dreaming of crying could indicate that you’re keeping feelings hidden that are poisoning you from the inside.

Joshua says, ‘Emotions such as grief and trauma can be overwhelming for our conscious minds, so dreaming can also be a way for our brains to process these feelings and memories while maintaining a certain distance. If you’ve experienced something traumatic recently, this dream could be an indication that your mind is taking the time to heal.’

Having A Fever

These nightmares can be emotionally intense and full of disturbing images. Some people believe these dreams indicate that you’re bothered by unresolved issues, or that something is weighing heavily on your mind. Whatever it is, talking it out could definitely help.

Your Teeth Falling Out

Joshua explains, ‘A famously common dream, this dream could mean that one chapter of your life is being replaced by another (like an adult tooth replacing a baby tooth). This dream therefore conveys a sense of transformation and rebirth.’

Alternatively, you may feel things are out of control, like a toothless person struggling to chew. If you dream your teeth are falling out before going on a date, for example, it could reflect concerns over your adequacy and appearance.

Seeing A Dead Person Alive

Joshua says, ‘These dreams can be very painful, as we see what we wish could be true - a loved one returned from the grave. This dream could reveal that you have regrets regarding a deceased person - for example, things you should have done or said (or not done and said).’

Alternatively, the more simple explanation is that you’re grieving a loved one and wish they were still around. Finally, seeing this person revived in your dreams could be a metaphor for something you long for, for example, confidence or comfort, something that the deceased represents in your mind.


If seeing snakes makes you afraid, dreaming about them means there may be someone or something you’re anxious about. If the snake is indoors, it could be a member of your household.

If you love snakes, however, they can represent health and healing. Snakes change their skin, so perhaps dreaming about them means your life is about to be transformed.

Joshua says, ‘During sleep, our brains consolidate memories and process emotions. This means that, though they can often take unexpected forms, the things you see in your dreams are influenced by your memories and emotional state, and do have meaning. The next time you dream, consider whether it contains an underlying message.’


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