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Upcycled sun eyewear from Opolis Optics

When it comes to sun eyewear, two old sayings come to mind.

  1. Two is better than one.

  2. Seeing is believing.

That is what Opolis Optics is offering.

Opolis Optics is a socially-driven lifestyle brand at the forefront of upcycled eyewear. Protect your beautiful eyes from UV rays while feeling good by knowing that each pair is from recycled plastics and materials from our oceans and landfills. One water bottle equals one upcycled pair of sustainable Opolis sunglass frames. Its goal is to contribute globally to the effort of reducing plastic polluters. The trailblazing founders traveled the world, fell in love with the planet, and found a way to make sustainable sunglasses along the way. Teaming up with local recycled plastic material manufacturers based in Bali, Manila, and Nairobi, Opolis Optics also donates to environmental NGOs through 1% For The Planet.

Trying to be an option for everyone that wants a quality pair of eyewear, Opolis is offering two different collections.

By selling two types of upcycled collections; (1) Bio-Acetate & (2) Recycled Plastic Bottles (PET), we hope to shed light on the realities of the optics industry. Opolis wants to change how we invest in materials and manufacturing, in order to improve our planet on a local and global level.

Bio Based Collection - Bio-Acetate:

Bio Acetate are plant based plasticizers made from natural materials such as red pulp and cotton. Instead of oil based plasticizers, the bio acetate is an environmentally friendly product made of renewable materials.

Recycled Collection - PET:

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is one of the most commonly used plastics in single use consumer products. It is found in most water and soda bottles, and some packaging. Opolis is giving PET a second life through our PET collection. We are removing the most common piece of garbage floating or sitting in our planet’s oceans and landfills and turning them into stunning, high-quality eyewear.

Check out both collections at


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