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Universal Tennis now with a free app

Universal Tennis has launched a free Universal Tennis app, which makes it easier than ever to find hitting partners and matches, organize casual play with friends, register for events and leagues, access stats, follow players, results, and much more.

Designed to improve the player experience, the Universal Tennis app is initially available in the United States on iOS and will expand to Android and across the globe in the coming months. The app boasts new features, impressive capabilities, and a friendly user interface. More enjoyable, level-based play that players will initiate themselves enables the app to become the home for tennis life.

"We are very excited to launch the Universal Tennis app," said Mark Leschly, Chairman and CEO of Universal Tennis. "We believe the convenience of accessing everything Universal Tennis has to offer in a mobile app will be a game changer within the tennis community. Introducing a free, effortless way to find matches, organize tennis meet-ups, and stay up to date on players and results will only help the sport of tennis grow."

Upon opening the app, players will be greeted by their personalized home feed, which synthesizes all their upcoming playing opportunities.

The app also offers new headache-free ways to create and organize play. Users can pick a game format tailored to the way they want to play. The app also solves for endless group texts and the hassle of figuring out who is playing when with Player Groups.

Player Groups are a convenient way to connect with and manage communication with players when scheduling tennis. Player Group features will expand over time, eliminating the struggle of corralling players across various messaging apps or social media platforms.

With the launch, Universal Tennis also introduces a disruptive new marketplace: Paid Hits. Paid Hits is a service pairing elite players and coaches with players looking to improve their game. Hundreds of paid hitters across the U.S. are ready for sessions, including NCAA champions and current and former ATP and WTA Top 100 players.

For more information about the Universal Tennis app including how to use its many features, click here.


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