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Underrated gadget: Spok Pagers

Spok, Inc., a global leader in healthcare communication and collaboration, has a great and useul pager, GenA™. The one-way alphanumeric pager empowers the future of paging with its high resolution ePaper display, intuitive modern user interface, advanced encryption and security features, over-the-air remote programming, and an antimicrobial housing.

The pager is back?

“Now, more than ever before, communication needs to be immediate and reliable regardless of cell coverage,” said Vincent D. Kelly, president and chief executive officer of Spok Holdings, Inc. “Pagers provide peace of mind and remain among the most reliable, survivable, and affordable technology for critical communications. Spok is committed to continually enhancing communication solutions, like the GenA pager, that can help save lives and eliminate the barriers to effective communication facing healthcare systems and public safety organizations today. The GenA pager enables fast, secure, and effective communication, when and where it’s needed most.”

The GenA pager, the newest addition to the Spok critical communication portfolio, advances the pager user experience with its larger screen that features a high-resolution, high-contrast ePaper display for easy reading in all conditions, while an automatic front-light makes reading messages in the dark much easier. Users can select from various font sizes and the large GenA display also leverages proportional fonts to maximize key information on a single screen. All these improvements come with the added protection of a new antimicrobial housing.

Users can rely on superior message reception in buildings with difficult coverage conditions using the high-powered Spok 900MHz simulcast network. Enhanced over-the-air (OTA) programming through the Spok My Account customer web portal enables remote pager configuration changes like updating the user’s name on the pager, assigning a pager to a group, deleting message data and encryption keys, modifying global security settings, and remotely unlocking the pager. The GenA also provides advanced message management features that allow important messages to be locked to prevent deletion or saved to a separate folder. In addition, separate inbox folders can be set up for group messages.

With the launch of the GenA pager, Spok is offering a limited-time early access program that includes the opportunity to pre-order the GenA with priority availability. To participate in this program, please contact a Spok sales representative or visit our website to enroll.

Learn more about all the innovative solutions that Spok has to offer at


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