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Under $20, EZVIZ with new smart plugs

Two new smart plugs launched from EZVIZ, with availability now at Walmarts online and across the country..

Retailing from just $14.99, users will get great value with the ability to turn any device smart and the T30-10B even allows you to track the real time power usage to keep an eye on those power bills.

The new T30 smart plugs are compatible with voice assistants to control appliances from anywhere.

The T30-10A is compact to turn any device smart whilst the T30-10B tracks real time power usage to keep electricity bills low.

These plugs help control your life. Easy to use and just "plug in" to set up.


Both smart plugs are available from Walmart for $14.99 (T20-10A) and $19.99 T30-10B.

Compact and unobtrusive, the T30 Smart Plugs aim to make any home smart and have been designed so that adjacent sockets are not blocked. Both plugs also offer the option to customize schedules and timers so they can turn on and off devices at as desired from wherever the user may be. No more worrying about whether something was left on at home as it can be checked remotely using the app on their mobile device or by asking Google Home or Amazon Echo to turn it on or off when in the home.


If any household or bedroom devices have exceedingly bright LED lights, preventing a good night’s sleep, the EZVIZ App can turn off the indicator light quickly and easily and if there is a power outage or Internet disconnection, the T30 smart plugs are also smart enough to resume any pre-set schedules when the power and connection are restored. Users can also be assured, the T30 Smart Plug is able to protect any appliances from unwanted accidents and is made from flame-resistant materials.

Get both now!


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