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Unclaimed Baggage concludes unforgettable ‘50 Years, 50 States’ Anniversary Road Tour

Over the span of four months, Unclaimed Baggage, a popular tourist destination and the country’s only merchant of lost baggage, embarked on a 50-state road tour in celebration of its 50th anniversary, surprising and delighting fans with games, giveaways and unique experiences.

“From our store in Scottsboro, Alabama to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, from the St. Louis Arch to Boston’s Fenway Park, Unclaimed Baggage literally put itself on the map this summer,” said Bryan Owens, owner of Unclaimed Baggage and son of the organization’s founder, Hugo Doyle Owens. “The ‘50 Years, 50 States’ road tour was an expression of gratitude for the fans, team members and community who have supported this family-run business over the course of its 52-year history, and it was a remarkable experience.”

Led by “Hugo,” the restored 1965 Chevrolet truck named after Unclaimed Baggage’s founder, the summer tour commenced in May 2022 and brought one-of-a-kind experiences to fans across all 50 states. The eye-catching vintage vehicle was a popular sighting on social media, having posed with some of the country’s most iconic and unusual roadside attractions.

By the Numbers

Hugo and his handlers drove 19,000 miles, visited all 48 contiguous states and met fans in 52 cities.

The iconic Unclaimed Baggage suitcase made its way to Alaska and Hawaii, to complete the lofty goal of visiting all 50 states.

The travel team hosted 50 consumer events, including Love Luggage events, charitable drop-offs and media stops.

Hugo engaged with more than 27,000 fans of Unclaimed Baggage and countless others over the course of the tour.

Giving Back with Gratitude

“In every state we visited over the course of the tour, engaging with fans was a rewarding experience, but what we’ll never forget is the opportunities we found to give back and make a difference in the lives of others,” noted Bryan.

As Unclaimed Baggage made its way across America, the retailer identified organizations along the route whose missions align with that of their own and made either a monetary gift or donated practical items that meet direct needs, such as clothing, shoes, eyewear, bedding and toiletries.

“Giving, serving and supporting sustainability is part of our company’s DNA,” said Sharon Owens, co-owner, Chief Brand Officer and director of the retailer’s charitable foundation, Reclaimed for Good. “We're passionate about seeking opportunities to redeem lost items that could transform the lives of people in need, such as wheelchairs, prescription glasses and medical supplies. On the tour this summer, we created unique ways to do it, like auctioning off a suitcase filled with luxury items that were all found in lost luggage, and then donating the proceeds.”

“Love Luggage” is an ongoing program of Reclaimed for Good that gives personalized luggage to foster children. This gift was given many times over the course of the tour, replacing the garbage bags many children typically use to transport their belongings.

Welcome Home, Hugo

The memorable “50 Years, 50 States” road tour concluded with a celebratory welcome home rally and two-day retail event that included giveaways, promotions and fun guest experiences.

Located in Scottsboro, Alabama, Unclaimed Baggage is a one-of-a-kind retail store that draws one million shoppers annually from all 50 states and around the world. As the country’s only merchant of unclaimed and lost airline baggage and its contents, Unclaimed Baggage offers a treasure trove of goods that airlines have been unable to reunite with their former owners. The store has made national news for its ever-changing array of unique items from around the world, all sold at an incredible value. As part of its commitment to service and generosity, the company created the Reclaimed for Good foundation which has given millions of dollars’ worth of product and profit to meet needs around the globe. Learn about Unclaimed Baggage at


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