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Two MVPs: Drew Brees and Copper Compression

Copper Compression the preeminent designer, manufacturer and provider of a wide range of copper-infused recovery wearables and self-care solutions announced a momentous partnership with Drew Brees, the record-breaking quarterback. Copper Compression harnesses the powerful combination of copper’s natural hygienic ability to protect and the technology of targeted compression to heal. The Brand offers the highest copper content in the industry today with 85% copper-infused nylon throughout its portfolio of 100 unisex products. This innovative approach provides maximum antimicrobial, anti-odor and anti-bacterial benefits - and ultimately extends the life of each product for a long-lasting and superior wearing experience. In partnership with Brees, Copper Compression will expand the brand’s retail footprint in addition to increase overall awareness for the brand’s superior joint recovery and functional benefits.

“As someone who loves to compete and exercise, I’m excited to announce my new partnership with Copper Compression. With Copper Compression, I am able to reduce recovery time between workouts, which increases my performance. You don’t have to be a professional athlete or weekend warrior to take advantage of the healing benefits of this innovative compression technology,” said Drew Brees.

In an effort to heighten Copper Compression’s mission to make protective performance and personal care solutions available to everyone, Drew will educate new audiences on the connection between healing the human body with proven, powerful targeted compression.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to be educated on performance and joint recovery, and I have learned that proper recovery is critical to a successful training process. After all the years of wearing compression products, I find that Copper Compression is the most effective product on the market!”

The brand prides itself on providing solutions for every body part. The full range of Copper Compression’s seasonless products - including recovery knee sleeves, wrist braces, and hand-relief gloves, as well as back braces, socks and recovery foot, calf and ankle sleeves - all of which use a targeted compression technology that provides support for muscle stiffness and joint pain relief, by increasing blood circulation while helping to decrease inflammation. The resulting effect is a measurably faster recovery time for athletes or people experiencing everyday ailments.

As one of the leading brands in health, recovery and wellness, Brees’ vision is to raise visibility for Copper Compression’s extensive assortment of high performing antimicrobial copper-infused compression sleeves and braces, underscoring the brand’s position as one the most trusted in health and personal care on Amazon where it earned two best seller badges on for its popular hand relief gloves and arch supports. In addition to Amazon, products are available at and more recently sold at Target, Wegmans, Kehe, SuperVALUE, and other nationwide retail locations.

Copper Compression is embarking into the retail market at a rapid pace securing the country’s top mass, grocery, hardware, gas, and convenience retailers, with direct distribution partners across the country to support this growth. The brand is extending its retail footprint and attracting new health-minded consumers, athletes, and sports fans through its partnership with the 42-year-old Brees.

“Drew Brees is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in the NFL’s history. For 20+ years he has been at the center of the most physically demanding sport, and he understands the importance of self-care, muscle recovery and giving the body the support, it needs to achieve optimal performance.” said Joey Braha, Brand Director, Copper Compression. “Suffice to say, we are honored to welcome Drew to the Copper Compression family. We have no doubt that this partnership will help us continue to set new standards in active recovery and functional efficiency. ”

“Drew came back from a potentially career-ending injury and turned it into one of the most inspiring comeback stories,” says Bobby Cohen, President, Copper Compression. “He represents hope, faith and the strength to overcome any challenges and come back even stronger. His story perfectly represents the guiding mission we share at Copper Compression - to make a difference in people’s lives and empower them to take healing into their own hands and get back to doing what they love.”

As Copper is more broadly recognized for its natural hygienic ability to destroy bacteria, Copper Compression’s top-rated products are more relevant now than ever. The brand gained international attention for being first to market with its copper-infused dual-filtered mask, which won Gold in the American Business Awards® for best consumer product of 2020 -durable category and earned two awards in the 17th Annual International Business Awards® both in the Most Valuable Medical Innovation and Most Valuable Product categories of the global awards program. The Company was also named Gold winner in the Company of the Year - Consumer Products - Durables (small) category for 2020.

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