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Trading cards get more protection thanks to a laser and BCW

BCW has done it again. Technology has come to protecting your valuable cards.

LaserWeld pages are a premium product that are head and shoulders above any other poly pages available on the market today. As the name suggests, these pages are manufactured using our patented laser-welding process. This gives a finer weld line compared to standard hot press or sonic welding while also being stronger. Thinner lines also puts more focus on your cards, making them aesthetically superior as well. LaserWeld pages sit flat and smooth. Other methods can make the material wavy or curved. This helps to minimize glare and pillowing, making displays and photos more attractive. The flatness of the pages will also let you fit more in a 3-ring binder or album. This allows you to use smaller binders to hold your collection, or let larger ones hold even more! The LazerWeld pages are made from two layers of heavy-duty, 115 gauge polypropylene. In additional to the acid-free, archival properties of polypropylene, the thicker material adds an extra buffer between your collection and any spill, scratches, or other damage that may occur. Use the 9 pocket page to protect, store, and display collectible trading cards like: baseball cards, basketball cards, football cards, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and others.

What to expect:

Holds up to nine 2½" x 3½" cards

Top loading pockets

Engineered to lay flat

Strong, laser-welded seams

Page Dimensions:

8 7/8 x 11 1/4

Pocket Dimensions:

2 5/8 x 3 5/8

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