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Toasty ONE proves 'smart-toasters' keep getting better

Tineco, a leading provider in smart home appliances, announced today the launch of TOASTY ONE – a dual-slot toaster designed with smart capabilities to deliver a perfect slice of toast with every use. Primarily known for producing innovative and intelligent floor care solutions, the introduction of TOASTY ONE marks Tineco's expansion into the kitchen appliance category.

Cased in stainless steel with an ivory white finish and sleek design, TOASTY ONE's premium capabilities include:

4" LCD Touchscreen: Visualizes the toasting process and allows users to simply slide and select a toasting mode from the four functions available (smart, fresh, reheat, or frozen) as well as desired toasting level from an intuitive toasting level slider.

IntelliHeat™ Technology: Sensors recognize the condition of the bread and automatically adjust the heat output, then toasts to the chosen level.

GoldenCrispy™ Technology: Locks in moisture and generates a beautifully crisp exterior with an airy and flavorful interior.

Intended to offer a customized cooking experience, TOASTY ONE's dual-slot feature will prepare each item, on both sides of the toaster, to a different liking at the same time. For added convenience, the appliance will store up to eight preset toasting preferences, and a removable tray simplifies the crumb cleanup process.

"We're thrilled to bring our first kitchen appliance to market in the United States. Whether cooking for a family or preparing a single piece of toast in the morning, the Tineco TOASTY ONE will create food that everyone at home can enjoy," said Todd Manegold, General Manager of Tineco North America. "This shows our ongoing to commitment to utilize smarter technology to make everyday home products even easier to use."

The all-new TOASTY ONE is now available for purchase on Amazon and for $339.00. To learn more, please visit

Tineco has driven innovation in the smart appliance category by specializing in creating intelligent technology to make everyday home products easier to use. Today, Tineco has quickly shifted to be a leader in the smart gadgets category with its intelligent cleaning solutions – PURE ONE vacuums, FLOOR ONE wet/dry vacuums and CARPET ONE carpet cleaners – and all-new kitchen appliance – TOASTY ONE.

For more information, please visit


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