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Tips for traveling with your pets

Nearly 44 million people are traveling this Memorial Day Weekend, many with pets in tow. What do pet parents need to know about traveling with their pets?

How about some tips from Ricky Walther, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at Pawlicy Advisor?

· Be sure to check airline requirements early to get details on health certificate documentation (this likely requires a veterinary visit) that you may need for your travel.

· If your pet gets nervous, consider speaking to your veterinarian about ways to calm them down during the flight.

· Make sure to bring any and all medications that your pet may need while you travel.

· Be sure to have appropriate travel carriers or harness/seat belt devices to keep your pet safe.

· Research local ER clinics in the area you are traveling to just in case you need them.

· Before you leave, request a copy of your most recent medical records from your regular veterinarian. This will help the ER clinic if an emergency arises.

On the other hand, if you’re leaving your pet behind, he advises:

Leave detailed instructions on any aspects of your pet's care (medications, regular veterinary clinic information, etc). Include a note authorizing them to seek medical care for your pet if needed.

If possible, allow your pet to meet the sitter or boarding facility before leaving them to help reduce anxiety.

If you cannot be reached by phone in case of an emergency, ensure someone who can make medical decisions for your pet can be reached.


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