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TicTok usage is up

According to data presented by the Atlas VPN team, people are now spending more time on TikTok than any other social app.

The average user spent an astonishing 23.5 hours (23 hours and 28 minutes) per month scrolling through TikTok throughout 2022 — 3 hours and 51 minutes more than the year before.

The report shows that:

The average user spends 23.5 hours (23 hours and 28 minutes) on TikTok — more than any other social network.

The total time spent on TikTok amounts to nearly 282 hours per year.

Time spent on TikTok throughout 2022 increased by 3 hours and 51 minutes compared to the year before.

It is the first time TikTok has overtaken YouTube regarding time spent on social media.

YouTube is the second most popular platform in terms of hours watched, with people spending 23.1 hours (23 hours and 9 minutes) on YouTube.

Facebook occupies the third spot with an average of 19.7 hours (19 hours and 43 minutes) spent on the social network.


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