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The Wrist Locker could be your new best friend

I've always felt that is we have one best friend, we are doing pretty well. Well it turns out you have a need for and room for another best friend with the Wrist Locker.

The Wrist Locker makes a great holiday gift for just about anyone. Whether you're traveling, shopping, working out or walking the dog, our wearable accessories give you the freedom to adventure hands-free.

Locker Lifestyle is a startup that is looking to make your life easier.

We’re here for you and your small essentials through any activity.

Locker Lifestyle® started small, selling on Etsy, at local festivals, and gyms. Before she knew it, even while attending college and playing tennis on scholarship, owner Kat sold hundreds of Wrist Lockers™, and placed FIRST in 7/7 entrepreneurship competitions she entered. She then changed her major from Nursing to Entrepreneurship.The Wrist Locker™ – Wrist Wallet fits cash, keys, ID, feminine products, lip balm, & more. Keep valuables safe and always close.

We craft our bands with one vertical seam to use the entire pocket space to stash all small essentials.


Comes in different colors

Medium: Fits wrist 6-7.5” around Large: Fits wrist 8-9.5” around (and smaller wrists if fitting a phone as band gets snug with more valuables) Uses: Fitness, travel, shopping, bar-hopping, or dog walking Machine-washable + Dry-wicking (not waterproof) Materials: 88% Polyester + 12% Spandex Replaces a purse or fanny-pack! Hands-Free Storage.

Wrist Lockers retail for $19.95. Locker Lifestyle also offers other products. Check out more here.


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