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'The Vault' opens today online for exclusive golf gear

You have the combination so why not open The Vault! Exclusive products from golf’s top brands are now available via The Vault, a new e-commerce platform from club fitter, Club Champion.

This is the latest from Club Champion and part of their mission for better golf with an exclusivity and style that appeal to the discerning golfer. The intention is to partner with golf’s innovators to offer unique, attractive, and limited-edition items to a wide range of golfers.

“This is just another way to truly customize the game of golf for our customers,” said VP of Marketing, Pat Duncan. “The OEM partners we have lined up for these collaborations are bringing incredible creativity to the table and we’re thrilled to have the freedom to create the products we’ve always wanted to see.”

The Vault’s products will be available online only and will be exclusive to the new retailer. The collection opens with a custom colorway on one of the industry’s most-loved shafts: the Fujikura Ventus Blue. This small batch of 100 shafts will feature a “SHAMROCK” green colorway that can only be found through The Vault. Each piece is labeled to signify its limited run.

Future products will include shafts, clubheads, putters, golf bags, apparel, and other lifestyle items that will appeal aesthetically and functionally to golfers looking for the best and most unique options.

“We believe The Vault opens the door to new segments of the industry,” said Duncan.

“These products go beyond what Club Champion normally offers and add some flair to what’s on the market today.”

The Vault is open now. For more information or to snag an exclusive product, head to

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