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The travel adapter you can't leave home without, OneWorld PD from oneadaptr

Travel adapters may be a dime a dozen, but not if you want quality. OneAdaptr is a top travel-centric consumer electronic brand and OneWorld PD is the safest and most powerful travel adapter ever offered, picked and loved by Financial Times, WIRED magazine, 9to5Mac etc¡K as the best travel adapter.


Over current protection

Automatically shuts down for any abnormal usage detected

BS8546 compliance

Fully grounded

Handles up to 10A continuous AC power consumption

The most powerful travel adapter yet

USB C PD charging port

Compatible with all MacBooks, Nintendo Switch, fast-charge iPhones, iPad Pros Quick Charge 3.0 compatible

Works in all countries


Universal AC outlet

3 smart USB A charging ports

Take it with you anywhere and buy two as they retail for under $50.

Charge all your devices:

With 1 USB C PD, 3 Smart USB ports and 1 universal AC outlet. OneWorld is able to power & charge up to 5 devices simultaneously no matter where you are.


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