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The most popular Halloween costumes

Shopping for a last-minute Halloween costume can be stressful. Scholaroo’s Halloween Costume Index can help. It finds the most popular costumes across the country. The top-picked costume nationwide in 2022 was the cat costume with a high score in 12 states including California, Massachusetts and Washington.

Besides cat ears, the trendiest costume in second place was the pirate costume. In nine states, the pirate costume was favored in Alabama, Arizona and Nevada. In third place, America’s favorite superhero, Spiderman, made the list. This costume is favored in six states such as New York, Missouri and Tennessee.

Princesses, as well as clowns and witches also made the list of coast-to-coast fan favorites as well. Following those are a cheerleader and a mouse. Fortnite costumes came in a couple of slots below but were considered North Dakota’s most-bought costumes.

In Georgia, the top costume was a cat, followed by Fortnite characters, then a princess, and lastly a pirate.

To see the top costumes in your state, check out the Halloween Costume Index at


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