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The most Googled celebs of 2014... so far

In an era where fame and controversy often go hand in hand, it's no surprise that the public's insatiable curiosity drives them to search for the latest updates on their favorite celebrities.

From scandals and controversies to personal triumphs and milestones, the most Googled celebrities of the year have captured our collective attention, fueling our desire for more information.

PromoSEO, delves into the top searches and explores what makes these celebrities so endlessly intriguing.


Monthly Global Search Volume

1 taylor swift 18,570,000

2 margot robbie 6,780,000

3 elon musk 6,630,000

4 sydney sweeney 6,450,000

5 cristiano ronaldo 6,200,000

6 jenna ortega 5,410,000

7 virat kohli 4,680,000

8 billie eilish 4,280,000

9 olivia rodrigo 3,900,000

10ana de armas 3,810,000

11johnny depp 3,560,000

12novak djokovic 3,420,000

13zendaya 3,380,000

14lionel messi 3,350,000

15dua lipa 3,340,000

16blackpink 3,250,000

17rihanna 3,180,000

18ariana grande 3,180,000

19selena gomez 3,170,000

20florence pugh 3,140,000


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