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The Magnima AirPoint Ring for your finger debuts at CES

Magnima’s innovative AirPoint Ring, a wireless wearable mouse ring ideal for teachers, trainers and speakers is being launched at the Consumer Electronics Show being held in Las Vegas.

Magnima develops state-of-the-art presentation gadgets and software for teachers, trainers, and speakers. The AirPoint Ring is the world's first wireless wearable mouse that offers dual surface and air tracking. Designed for delivering stunning presentations, the AirPoint Ring allows users to change slides with air gestures. With the flick of a finger, any apps on a connected Mac, Windows, iPad or tablet can be controlled wirelessly. Magnima also offers a free AirPoint app available for Mac and Windows that supports any connected mouse to spotlight, magnify, and point presentation contents.

It takes a little getting use to, but it's fun and makes many mouse gestures much easier.

Check out for the upcoming release.


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