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The commercials don't lie with Kizik

You've seen the commercials and it's almost too good to be true.

Kizik "hands free" shoes

Kizik has eliminated the hassle of putting on shoes with hands-free footwear technology. Kizik sneakers (available for men and women) feature a patented heel design so all you have to do is slip your toes into the shoe, the heel will compress so your foot can slide all the way in and then once your foot is in, it will spring back into place securing your foot in the shoe. No sitting, bending, foot wiggling or lace tying required. You can view videos of how the shoes work at

From Kizik:

Put the bounce back in your step with our proprietary Rabbit Foam™ outsoles. What does it feel like? Imagine a thousand angels massaging your feet.

Make use of "Hands-Free Technology," so the shoe design and technology work together seamlessly. They put the shoes through more than 100,000 compression tests to ensure our shoes live up to their promise, without compromise. Each shoe is made of the highest grade, which ensures the material has great strength, durability, and looks even better over time.

The cushioning soles and a mesh upper for enhanced breathability. With a “spring back” heel, this sneaker goes on completely hands-free.

There is no doubt Kizik shoes are comfortable, stylish and appear to be durable and worth every penny.

Each Kizik model comes in a variety of colors. I've been trying the Vegas, appropriate since I was able to bring the pair along to CES in Las Vegas.

Form and function, comfort and a clean look. You can't do better. Make a Kizik pair your next pair.

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