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The best tripod mount for all your devices is on sale

Photographers, TikTokers, Youtubers, nature enthusiasts, influencers and extreme athletes are all raving the Tenikle 360. In fact, Tenikle has created such a popular phone mount that it has been sold out since its debut on Shark Tank.

Good news! It's finally back in stock and is on sale for just $35. You won't believe it until you try it offers hundreds of different ways for anyone to mount, stick, hook, and prop up their tech in any situation and environment.

Maybe you are watching a movie during a long car ride, propping up your phone during your flight, or looking to mount your phone in a unique way to capture your latest TikTok. Tenikle has built the one phone accessory that is lightweight and easy to take anywhere with you.

These are a few of the reasons why over 100k units have been sold and are found in big retailers like Costco:

The bendable octopus-style legs ensure you can prop up any device in a way that captures any angle or allows you to watch any content.

The super suction cups can grab any flat surface and hold up to 100X its weight.

Its foldable, bendable, and lightweight body makes it a breeze to pack and bring along anywhere.

Take the above, combine it with an all-weather design, and you have a mount that offers 100’s of different ways to hold any device.

It's now on sale for $35.

The secret is in the details:

Holds up phones, tablets, cameras and more

Bend and wrap securely

Suction to smooth surfaces

Athletes from various sports love the durability and ease of use.

Other reviewers say that this is the one phone accessory that we know content consumers and digital creators can’t leave the house without.

Get yours now at


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