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Tennis Manager 2023 Release Date: May 25th, 2023

New tennis simulation video game lets your run your own tennis academy, coach and manage your team and more!

Tennis Manager 2023 will release on Thursday May 25th, 2023 on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. It will be available for both PC and MacOS users. There will be a discount available on launch day, as well as for owners of Tennis Manager 2022. For Steam users, the discounts will include:

10% for the first week of launch

and 17% off for TM22 owners

Tennis Manager 2023 will retain much of the same gameplay elements that soared the first two entries into popularity. The premise is the same. You are a manager tasked with building your tennis academy by recruiting and developing new players. However, TM23 adds new modes and features and a larger customization suite for players.

Player Customization

Players can now edit their tennis player. You can change your identity, equipment, hair color and style, body type, racket, and all your other gear.

Tennis Academies

Returning from the previous games is the option to join a pre-built tennis academy, or the option to create one of your own. However, you can now see an extensive page list full of stats for the academy you’re looking to join. You can see different things like the level of talent, the team’s reputation, how well they are at scouting, etc.

Of course you can also just create your own if you’re really looking to start from scratch.

Presentation & UI

The game’s menus are a lot more sophisticated. Before a match begins you can now see both player’s latest matches, season stats, height, ranking, and which hand they serve with. You also get a pre-match report that gives you a little more info on who you’re facing. You can then visit the strategic adjustments page to edit all sorts of things. Player mentality, zones to target, and even the level of risk you want your player to have can all be edited.

You can also control how they play in offensive, defensive, and normal situations. You can even receive graphs of where you and your opponent usually hit the ball towards to better calculate where it’ll go next.

Players can represent their country and try their hand at the Team World Cup. You’ll receive an invitation to become a team captain and participate in each round from Qualifiers to the finals. The manager chooses up to 5 players, two players for the first two singles matches, and pair for the doubles.

Olympic Games

Tennis World Cup not enough? Well now you can add more to your prestigious record by participating in the Olympic Games. It occurs every 4 years and gives your player the chance to come home with the gold medal.


In addition to TM23 adding over 5000 new players, (almost 30% being newcomers), There’s over 2000+ tournaments to try out. It’s safe to say that the game certainly has a lot of content to offer.

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