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TeamSnap team management software looks forward 2024

TeamSnap, the leading provider of sports management software and the online community for everything youth sports, experienced another year of rapid growth in 2023 as a result of the company's investments and dedication to delivering the best solutions for its customers and partners, marked by significant achievements including the acquisition of MOJO Sports.

"Our growth is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team's commitment to the pursuit of excellence and creating a seamless experience for all users," said Peter Frintzilas, CEO of TeamSnap. "Over the past two and a half years we have set the pace of growth in our industry, having made significant investments into the platform and more than doubling our revenue as a result. As we celebrate this milestone, we remain focused on our mission to continue providing value to our customers and we look forward to scaling to new heights in the coming years."

Key Growth Achievements for TeamSnap in 2023

Acquisition of MOJO Sports: TeamSnap acquired MOJO Sports (MOJO) in Q4, redefining the relationship between youth sports and technology. The integration of MOJO into the TeamSnap ecosystem expands access to the MOJO video library of coaching content, games stats, drills, and session-by-session support for youth coaches, and parents as well as robust interactive multimedia tools, including live streaming for families and fans to engage on and off the field.

Market Expansion: In 2023, the TeamSnap platform experienced unprecedented engagement, surpassing 1 billion active user sessions and 26 million events scheduled throughout the year. On average, the platform supported 204,000 active teams per month, with a strong community of 4.2 million monthly active users (MAUs).

"The combination of our team's experience and operating playbooks, with the distribution power of the TeamSnap platform, is creating a unique multi-sided platform model across our connected B2C and B2B offerings," said Andrew Rueff, Executive Chairman of TeamSnap and Operating Partner at Waud Capital. "2023 was another banner year across all primary metrics in the business, and we are excited about the pace of growth and value we are bringing to the youth sports community."

The Rebrand of Three Business Lines: TeamSnap for Business, TeamSnap for Brands, and TeamSnap for Teams launched simultaneously in Q2, leading to three categories of organized business lines for enhanced customer experiences. Since mid-2021, TeamSnap experienced 40%+ annualized bookings growth of TeamSnap for Business and TeamSnap for Brands.

TeamSnap for Business: A next-generation solution for sports organizations, TeamSnap for Business provides a suite of integrated tools built to help sports organizations support and grow programs for families and athletes.

TeamSnap for Teams: TeamSnap for Teams is designed to simplify the administrative tasks involved in managing a sports team. The platform offers web and mobile applications designed to give coaches, administrators, players, and parents an easy-to-use management solution for activities, communication and logistics.

TeamSnap for Brands: TeamSnap for Brands is the industry leading youth sports marketing platform and the only marketing solution that allows brands to reach over 25 million youth sports parents through digital media, and 11 million families with on-field sponsorships at both a local and national scale. Brands like e.l.f. SKIN and Toyota Motor North America utilized

TeamSnap for Brands' innovative suite of products to engage with youth sports families in 2023.

Launch of TeamSnap Registration: In 2023 TeamSnap launched its new registration platform, exclusively integrated within TeamSnap for Business, which offers club and program organizers everything they need to register players and staff, collect fees, and ensure all forms and documents are completed in a flexible, easy-to-use interface.

Technology Partnerships: TeamSnap partnered with Accelerist, the leader in social impact partnership technology, to launch the TeamSnap Fundraising Hub. This new tool eases the stressors of fundraising by allowing teams to kick-off crowdfunding campaigns from within the TeamSnap app. Additionally, TeamSnap partnered with Squadlocker, the leading custom team apparel software and fulfillment service, culminating in the launch of Team Stores, a custom ready-to-shop store for every new team created through TeamSnap.

TeamSnap Sponsorship and Impact: The company also saw a record year with its sponsorship offerings. Over $3.1 million was given back to the community from brand partners across nearly 2,100 sponsorships – impacting 1,300+ unique sports organizations and 2.2 million players across the country.

In conjunction, TeamSnap Impact supported over 16,000 youth athletes through partnerships with the Aspen Institute, Positive Coaching Alliance, RCX Sports, and others, further contributing to TeamSnap's core initiative of enhancing the lives of kids by enabling participation in sport.


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