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Takeaways from AT&T's 5G event on July 14

AT&T had a 5G event in NYC this morning and shared several announcements. The Facebook partnership for AR is the most interesting.


There’s reality, and then there is Facebook reality…and now AT&T is partnering with Facebook Reality Labs to use 5G for augmented reality experiences. The first AR Facebook experience debuted today at an AT&T 5G Event along with a ton of other AT&T 5G news.

Here are a few other news items from AT&T’s 5G event:

· AT&T and Bookful, the leading 3D and augmented reality reading app, are collaborating to provide augmented reality experiences to a broad collection of children’s books and using AT&T 5G.  Bookful has titles such as Thomas the Tank Engine, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig and My Little Pony.

· AT&T and Boingo are bringing 5G to more airports across the country – which is perfect timing now that many are starting to travel again.

· Additional news updates include AT&T 5G experiences with Cinemark, the WNBA and the NBA, and an overall update on AT&T’s efforts to expand 5G to more cities and towns across the country.

More to come...


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