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Sustainable products for summer grilling

With July 4th right around the corner, there are some easy ways to make your BBQ more sustainable.

I try before you buy.

Good Charcoal - Good Charcoal is sustainably harvested and is the first and only FSC® certified charcoal sold in the U.S. The sustainable charcoal brand offers grillers a chemical-free alternative made from Acacia trees in Namibia, South Africa. The trees provide a denser wood than oak and hickory; it burns hotter, cleaner, and more evenly. Therefore, grillers do not need to use as much charcoal for their BBQ. The Good Charcoal is available nationwide, including at Home Depot, Sam’s Club and hundreds of independent retailers.

Dailygood Bags - You have to clean-up after your BBQ and Dailygood Bags the most eco-friendly heavy duty trash bags made for everyday household use. Dailygood trash bags are a more sustainable solution for homes because they are made with as much as 97% post-consumer recycled plastic resin (PCR), resulting in lower environmental impacts compared to trash bags made without recycled content. The average American family creates 18 pounds of trash daily, and 100 billion bags made from virgin plastic are tossed out and headed for landfills every single day. Dailygood Bags are the most durable, eco-friendly, commercial-strength trash bags for the home.


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