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Sports tech and innovation at CES 2024

Panels, discussions and displays. Sports tech at CES.

How Data is Unlocking The Fluid Fan

10:00 to 10:40 AM

Gen Alpha. Values-Driven Fans. Streamers. Festivalists. These words describe the most coveted fan of the future: the Fluid Fan. For the first time, brands and properties are using data-driven audiences and business intelligence to find and acquire these fans, and this panel will explore how they're doing it, and how well it's working.

Kate Johnson / Marketing Director, Integrated Brand, Content, Sports Partnerships, Google

Christine Wylie / Sponsorships & Partnerships, Sports, Verizon

Wendell Scott / Senior Vice President, Ad Sales, Disney

Josh Walker / CEO, Sports Innvovation Lab

From Buzz To Business: The ROI of Women's Sports

11:00 AM - 11:40 AM

Women's sports has taken center stage as investment and rights deals soar, but brands are still determining the real ROI behind the fanfare. Sports Innovation Lab is bringing the real data and case studies behind the brands who are raking it in with their women's sports sponsorships.

Andrea Brimmer / Chief Marketing & PR Officer, Ally Financial

Andrea Hopelain / SVP of Brand, EA Sports

Harish Sarma / Global Head of Sports & Gaming, TikTok

Brian Lawlor / President, Scripps Sports, The E.W. Scripps Company

Gina Waldhorn / Chief Marketing Officer, Sports Innovation Lab

2034: A Sports Odyssey - Imagining the Stadium of the Future

1:00 PM - 1:40 PM

In this panel, leaders from the broader sports and entertainment venue ecosystem come together to discuss three themes that will drastically change the live sports experience in the next ten years: AI, Mixed Reality, and Cybersecurity. Hosted by Sports Innovation Lab, the fan intelligence company building the Sports Data Cloud, the session will be tailored to speak to senior executives from blue chip brands, global technology companies, and venue owners & operators.

Mariya Zorotovich / General Manager, Venues & Gaming, Intel

Andy Hook / Market Strategy Lead, Food & Beverage, Oracle

George Connors / SVP, Everi

Ken Lovell / SVP, Golf Technology, PGA Tour

Jeb Terry / President & CEO, Cosm

Abe Stein / Head of Innovation, Sports Innovation Lab


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