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Spleash: walk, protect and hydrate your pet

Tail Chasers touted the availability of its patent-pending spray leash handle, Spleash, to make it easier and safer to walk, protect and hydrate your pet.

"I love how Spleash provides hydration to pets. Heat stroke is 100% avoidable and this will help keep dogs hydrated on their walks!" says veterinarian Dr. Adam Christman.

Founder Kerry Cooke developed Spleash to combat the challenges of real-time dog walking, including providing a solid grip on your leash for large pets or pets that pull, keeping pets hydrated during long walks and hikes, and protecting against outside pets and wildlife.

"While we appreciate the daily joy of taking our dogs for a walk, run, or hike, we know first-hand there can be stressors along the way," says Cooke, CEO and founder. "From dogs needing refreshment from a walk that went a little long, to off-leash dogs charging our pack, to messes we can't fully remove from ourselves or our neighbor's yard, there are things many of us would prefer not to deal with while out with our best-friends."

The safety component here is very important.

"Most dog owners have never had the horrific experience of trying to break up a dog fight–– I have, and I was severely injured. After that experience, I wouldn't think of walking my dogs without carrying protection," says Certified Professional Dog Trainer Vikki Boyd (CPDT). "The Spleash is a multi-purpose tool every dog owner needs. For anyone who walks their dog regularly, it's not if, but when you will encounter an off-leash dog. Be prepared––protect yourself and your dog."

It comes in two color options featuring a 12 oz. water reservoir, flip-open water dish, and a spray function with a 14-foot range. SPLEASH is great for:

Hydrating your pet on-the-go with its flip-open cup.

Getting the ultimate grip on your leash (fits most standard size leather, rope, or nylon leashes).

Protecting yourself, your dog, and potential off leash animals, with a 14-foot protective spray radius of water Bringing spray to your leash; use the spray to clean off paws or cool your pet down on hot/long walks.

SPLEASH is available now on and retails for $34.99. SPLEASH comes in two color options, orange and cyan. SPLEASH is the must-have pet gadget and accessory for happy dogs everywhere. A portion of each sale of SPLEASH will be donated towards a domestic abuse support organization that works with dogs.

About Tail Chasers: Tail Chasers, LLC is a pet solutions company founded in 2019. The company's mission is to simplify the daily tasks associated with pet ownership and provide more time for quality interactions with pet owners and their furry best friends. SPLEASH is the company's first patent-pending product on the market, with other products and services already in the works.

Quote from CEO Kerry Cooke:


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