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Some top deals for Amazon Prime Day

A summary report of some top gadget deals for Amazon Prime Day.

Nexar has deals on their Dash Cams with 20% of the Nexar Beam and the Nexar Pro.

ONANOFF have deals on their noise-cancelling headphones with 25% of their Cosmos+ range on and on, the rose pink color is reduced by $30 with $20 off all other colors.

EZVIZ UK and US have various exciting deals on a wide variety of video doorbells and security cameras.

All Prime pricing and RRP’s along with product information are confirmed below.

Dash Cams from Nexar

Nexar Beam GPS Full HD 1080P Dash Cam - available from

US Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July:

Reduced by 20% from $129.95 to $103.96

UK Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July:

Reduced by 20% from £139.95 to £111.96

A picture containing electronics, indoor, projector Description automatically generated Nexar Beam GPS is a sleek and compact plug and play dash cam that can easily be concealed behind the rear-view mirror. Recording crisp and clear 1080p full HD video, the dash cam also has a super wide lens with a 135-degree field of view. The parking mode feature offers 24/7 security and can sense even the slightest impact to a vehicle and starts recording immediately, even when the car is parked. Footage can be downloaded to the user’s phone as soon as it connects to the dash cam so can be viewed immediately; offering true peace of mind. With a built-in G-sensor supporting variable sensitivity, the dash cam can auto-detect any sudden knock or collision and lock the crucial footage and the built-in GPS module can link the location of the vehicle to the footage. This can then be used as vital evidence for claims or insurance purposes with users being able to access the required footage easily and quickly.

Nexar has developed its own proprietary software and the companion app allows for live streaming of all video footage directly to your phone and uses AI to detect important moments and save them as easy to find clips. Incidents can be reported and files shared and viewed immediately with an insurance company or the police through the app. The footage is backed up to the cloud without any limits, and all of it is incredibly easy to use and navigate around.

The Nexar Beam GPS comes with a free 32GB microSD card already installed but users can opt to upgrade to a bigger capacity with up to 256GB. Best of all, though, Nexar offers completely unlimited cloud backups without a subscription, so drivers can avoid the extra cost and have the same ability to save any video to the cloud. Ideal if the dash cam is ever stolen or damaged, as footage can still be viewed and accessed from anywhere. The video clips can be wrapped together with important data into a report and uploaded immediately using a one-click report function. Additionally, Siri voice command may be used to send messages to others whilst on the road in the Nexar Groups app which will show the location if the driver is delayed.

Nexar Pro GPS WiFi Dual Dash Cam System with SD Card Included - Road & Interior Recording, Unlimited Cloud Storage and Parking Mode - available on

US Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July:

Reduced by 20% from $169.95 to $135.96

UK Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July :

Reduced by 20% from £154.95 to £123.96

The Nexar Pro provides the ultimate protection by recording both the road and the cabin of a car. The road view camera records crisp 135° wide video in 1080p Full HD quality. The interior camera records sharp footage in 720p HD quality and includes 10 infra-red light bulbs that provide superb night vision. The system is equipped with advanced G-force sensors and comes with 32GB or 128GB memory, providing 4 or 16 hours of loop recording respectively.

The Nexar Pro dashboard camera works only when paired to the Nexar app. The dash cam seamlessly streams live footage to your phone every time you drive, so video evidence is always just a tap away if you need it. The Nexar app works in the background, so you can use other apps (like navigation) while driving. Nexar Pro is compatible with iPhones and top Android phones.

The camera detects critical situations on the road (like collisions or sudden brakes) and saves them as short clips on the Nexar app. These clips are also automatically backed up to your free and unlimited Nexar cloud account. At the tap of a button, Nexar can create detailed post-collision reports that save you time, money, and unnecessary stress when dealing with insurance claims. Nexar’s report summarizes key information from the crash, including video footage, driving speed, G-force impact, and location.

Nexar senses even the slightest impact and starts recording immediately, even when your car is parked. Get notified and watch recorded parking incidents as soon as your phone is nearby and connected to the dash cam.

Video Doorbells and Security Cameras from EZVIZ – US DEALS ONLY

The EZVIZ C3X Dual-Lens Colour Night Vision Security Camera – RRP $129.00

US Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July: - Reduced by 42% from $129.99 to $74.99.

The EZVIZ C3X is an outdoor Wifi camera with color night vision and built in AI. The C3X color night vision camera is unlike most other ‘color night vision’ cameras on the market as it doesn’t use spot lights to achieve color night vision. Instead, the C3X uses dual lenses and dual infrared lights to render better color images, even in the lowest light conditions.

The camera also has a built in AI that can recognize moving people and vehicles, and distinguish those from animals, foliage, or other insignificant objects and send instant alerts via an app to the user. It features a built-in siren and strobe flash light to deter intruders.

The C3X has an IP67 weatherproof rating and dual antennas for stable wireless connections. The C3X is a reliable security camera that offers year-round complete peace of mind.

The EZVIZ C6W Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi indoor camera – RRP $89.99 available from Amazon

US Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July: - Reduced by 33% from $89.99 to $59.99

The C6W Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi camera protects the home whilst blending with modern décor.

The C6W provides expansive 360° panoramic view of the room it placed in so that every area and corner is protected. Recording with 2K resolution, images and clips are of an impressive quality, even in 4x zoom. The auto-zoom tracking function can be set to only track human motion so that notifications are not triggered by a pet!

The camera features two powerful infrared lights, rendering sharp night time images up to 10 metres away and automatically switches between day and night vision.

The C6W also has a two-way talk function that can be accessed through the EZVIZ app. This allows users to have a two-way conversation through the app and camera so homeowners can call home a per a normal photo call, but with the added benefit of being able to see those at home at the same time.

The camera is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The C3TN Colour night vision security camera is available from Amazon

US Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July: - Reduced by 38% from $79.99 to $49.99

The C3TN is able to discern human shapes, rather than other objects, so when a suspicious person is detected, the camera will quickly flash two dazzling spotlights¹ for on-site deterrence, as well as an immediate notification through EZVIZ App.

The C3TN Color also comes with a built-in noise-canceling microphone, which can pick-up crystal-clear audio in the surrounding area so users can see and hear what’s going on in the garden or front door at any time. No need to be concerned about storage space or network overload too, as, with the advanced H.265 video compression technology, the camera achieves the same or even better video quality with only half the bandwidth and half the storage space required by the previous H.264 video compression standard. Homeowners have the option to secure any recorded videos on any local microSD card of up to 256 GB, or, if preferred can subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for fully encrypted cloud storage and extra peace of mind. EZVIZ is the only smart security brand to offer the option of local storage and a cloud based storage solution so users can choose whether to subscribe or not. The C3TN Color night vision security camera is available from Very for a very affordable £49.99.

The EZVIZ LC1C full HD Wi-Fi floodlight camera with PIR and built in siren – available from Amazon

US Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July: - Reduced by 20% from $98.99 to $79.99

The LC1C has a powerful 2000LM floodlight and 270°sensor, so that intruders can be seen from all angles.

The EZVIZ LC1C Floodlight includes a PIR human detection system, intelligently recognizing people who may be trespassing and revealing them with the powerful 2000LM floodlight. The 270° sensor also ensures intruders from all angles cannot avoid detection, even if attempting to do so through sneaking alongside a wall or below the floodlight itself. Thanks to a starlight standard sensor night time images are clear and bright despite the environmental darkness, allowing users to see everything up to 25 meters (82ft) away clearly with the camera’s advanced night vision.

The LCIC can be rotated to face any direction required and has been innovatively designed to connect to an existing outdoor light or be installed as a completely new unit; in both instances professional installation is recommended. The lights will activate upon motion detection and you can adjust the areas it covers via the EZVIZ app. The LC1C also has a built in 100DB alarm which will be activated if there is any unexpected movement to notify the home owner.

Video Doorbells and Security Cameras from EZVIZ – UK DEALS ONLY

EZVIZ DB2 battery-powered doorbell (Free Chime included) is currently available on Amazon

UK Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July: Amazon - Reduced by £20 from £109.99 to £89.99

EZVIZ C6 AI Smart Camera – available from for £89.99

UK Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July: Amazon - Reduced by 30% from £89.99 to £62.99

The EZVIZ C6 AI smart camera in an indoor camera that is small in size and big in functionality. It is the perfect way to keep an eye on your family or pets when you are not home.

With on-camera AI, the C6 2K+ identifies humans and pets in an instant and detects abnormal sounds to add an extra layer of protection. The camera can automatically zoom in up to 4 times to follow a moving object and has 360° panoramic view.

The C6 can also track high-speed activity and fast movements will not appear blurry in the camera’s vision, thanks to the 25 fps video recording capacity.

The camera also has safe video storage, enabling you to secure your unforgettable memories on a local SD card. What’s more, the camera notifies you when you are needed and can alert you when the noise level suddenly changes. Your family members can also simply wave at the camera to initiate a video call to your phone. Cute and compact, the C6 is the must-have technology for any modern home where maintaining contact and security 24/7 is of utmost importance.

EZVIZ BC1C 1080p standalone Smart Home Battery Security Camera – available from Amazon

UK Prime lightning deal 12th/13th July: Amazon - Reduced by £50 from £119.99 to £69.99

High res images available here

A close-up of a water faucetDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceThe EZVIZ BC1C 1080p security camera is a 100% wire-free camera with up to 270 days of battery life and crystal clear 2K+ video quality. Extremely easy to install, the camera can be used by any household to provide reliable protection and ensure no action is missed.

Thanks to two built-in spotlights, the BC1C can render vivid colour imaging, even in the dark, allowing you to see every detail that might otherwise be lost. What’s more, integrating a PIR sensor and person-shape detecting algorithm, the camera can distinguish human movement from other moving objects, keeping you safe whilst also reducing unwanted notifications. Upon detection of a moving person, the camera will set off a loud siren and flash two spotlights for on-site immediate deterrence. Via the EZVIX app homeowners can record a personalised greeting message and features two-way audio so that users can see, hear and talk to any visitors, whether at home or elsewhere.

The BC1C also has 32GB storage capacity, so no need to buy a separate expensive storage card or users can choose to save any data onto the EZVIZ CloudPlay service subscriptions, for extra protection in case of device damage or loss.

EZVIZ BC1 3-Camera wireless outdoor security camera kit – available from Amazon RRP £399.99


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