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SodaStream announces two new models

SodaStream, the leading sparkling water maker brand, has done it again.

They have announced two new models to their innovative line-up of sparkling water makers: the E-TERRA™ and the E-DUO™. These innovations will amplify the brand's efforts to provide a sustainable, elevated sparkling water experience through distinct designs, innovative features, and versatile options at diverse price points. The new models were thoughtfully engineered to give sparkling water lovers even more opportunity to customize their favorite beverages, whether they are new to carbonating at home or a seasoned, high-end entertainer.

Both sparkling water makers have new, unique features that serve the need of ever-evolving consumer lifestyles. The E-TERRA features a new electric interface, appealing to tech-savvy sparkling water drinkers that are always seeking out the newest gadgets, while the E-DUO is designed for those who love to entertain with the ability to carbonate water in both a glass carafe and reusable plastic bottle.

"Last year we began to revolutionize our portfolio with better experience, design, and of course functionality in mind," said Mark Fenton, Chief Business Officer at SodaStream US. "We listened to our consumers and have created a suite of sparkling water makers that enhance the user experience and make sparking water more enjoyable with total customization. We are excited for these two new models hit the market this month and can't wait to see how our users infuse them into their routines."


The E-TERRA features a unique electric interface that allows consumers to precisely carbonate their water in just one touch, offering an automated and seamless experience. The three preset carbonation levels allow the consumer to control the carbonation and craft beverages just the way they like it. Additionally, for the first time, SodaStream implemented a blue atmosphere light that lights the water while sparkling, creating a carbonation experience like no other. With a slim figure, textured finish and new LED electric tactile buttons that create a flat design on the top panel, the E-TERRA has an elevated design that will complement various kitchen styles. The E-TERRA can also carbonate both 1 liter and 0.5-liter BPA free plastic reusable bottles – making it perfect for at home use or on-the-go lifestyle. With its improved features, the E-TERRA is an advanced and electrical version of the best-selling, SodaStream Terra. The new model is the perfect combination of style, innovation, and sustainability, available in white and black at all national retailers (, Amazon, Target, Kohl's and more) for $159.99.


The E-Duo is the most advanced and innovative sparkling water maker within the SodaStream portfolio. It is the first automated sparkling water maker that is compatible to carbonate both glass and plastic bottles for elevated entertainment at home and convenient portability on the go, and offers consistency of carbonation with one simple touch. With the E-DUO, there are bubbles via precise electric carbonation that is activated with one touch, allowing the consumer to carbonate to their desired bubbly level perfectly every time. The new model offers a clean, modern-industrial design with a mix of matte and shiny surfaces, blue colored LED buttons for fizzing water, and an advanced stainless-steel flask with soft opening and auto lift that enhance the look of every kitchen. Thanks to its unique electrical technology, the "E-Duo" is preferred by 60% of potential sparkling water-maker users in the USA!* The E-Duo kit includes both a 1-liter** dishwasher-safe reusable plastic bottle and 1-liter dishwasher-safe glass carafe, and comes in Titan Silver/Black and will be available exclusively at William Sonoma until September 2023 for $199.99.

Both new sparkling water makers include breakthrough technology that SodaStream users have recently come to love. Over the past year, SodaStream advanced the carbonating experience with the launch of its patented Quick Connect Cylinder System, which provides an enhanced user experience with quick and easy cylinder insertion. Plus, all machines include a 1-liter plastic carbonating bottle that is both BPA-free and dishwasher safe. The new suite of machines all feature unique advancements and more, showcasing the brand's constant innovation and leadership in the sparkling water category.

These sparkling water makers will be showcased and debuted at the Inspired Home Show in Chicago on March 4 – 7 at the SodaStream booth.

SodaStream continues to grow and pursue its purpose of changing how the world drinks. The brand is dedicated to providing environmental benefits for its customers, as one SodaStream saves up to thousands of single-use plastic bottles and helps consumers live a more sustainable lifestyle in the way they consume beverages.

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