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Showstoppers at CES 2022

In person and digital, Showstoppers at CES 2022 was a success.

The media in attendance was greeted by friendly faces and an organized check in as the night opened. A new ballroom at the Wynn was the perfect setting.

Some of what attracted the media's attention!

Breakthrough in solar roofing, safer batteries, medical-grade hearing aids

Eyeglasses that change their focus, just like the human eye

An earth-scorching electric sportbike -- and electric bikes

Startups from Japan with exoskeletons, continuous blood glucose testing for diabetics, augmented reality glasses, financial tech that creates jobs for the unbanked, robots that bring joy to life

Game consoles that get the kids outside to play

Innovation Award Winners

More than 80 companies introduced new products for work, home and play at ShowStoppers @ CES, 5 January, on the ground and in person in Las Vegas -- and more than 10 companies streamed live to your desktop, laptop, notepad and smartphone.


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